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CreoMetric - Creative Director

Our hope is to find a Creative Director who values creative strategy and that will love a tight brief, build on it, and take it to heights the client couldn’t have imagined.

We seek someone who will foster an ambitious creative agenda, who will work directly with the client to determine brand strategy, and relentlessly push through all channels: web, print, photography, social media, apparel, etc. The ideal applicant should understand this is a business and it’s not about being creative for the sake of being creative, but to address a client’s tangible business need. And if you win a few awards in the process, we certainly wouldn’t complain.

Who is Creometric?

From the frenzy of garage start-ups to the boardrooms of billion dollar companies, Creometric is a results-driven, full-service marketing agency.

We are an award winning think tank: a collection of brilliant minds, inspired souls, and sizzling creativity.

In this chaotic and cluttered world of relentless change, it takes a tremendous amount of effort and insight for a brand to clearly articulate a meaningful message. As seasoned branding consultants, we strategically think, freely imagine, and precisely execute using the latest and greatest marketing techniques.

Our mission is to help define, create, and execute real life marketing strategies.

It needs to be the right cultural fit.
Creometric was borne out of an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels the hunger and passion – to hit the reset button on corporate Goa. We are looking for like-minded entrepreneurial creatives that want a bit more out of life – to do meaningful work, have fun in the process, and get paid what they are truly worth.

We love our clients and they deserve the best we can give them. We are tired of designers that have no sense of urgency, are crippled by self-worship, and are unable to recognize style if it would sit on their lap and wiggle. Heck, do a bit of soul-searching. If that’s you, do us both a favor and don’t waste your time applying. We are looking for something specific – a creative partner that is willing to roll up his/her sleeves, leave their ego at the door, and wow the socks off of the clients of clients. Again and again.

We need someone who can mentor a couple of creative teams, develop them, manage their careers, and elevate their work.

If that is you, please, please, PLEASE reach out. We desperately need you. This position offers a competitive base salary with an unlimited commission bonus structure that would be hard to beat.

What we expect :

Be able to lead a creative learning organization
Conceptualizing and executing brand campaigns across channels as appropriate
Deliver every idea and assignment with creativity and passion
The client’s ultimate brand custodian and is able to articulate the message with consistency and passion
Meet with clients or upper management to explain campaign strategies and solutions
Work closely with cross-functional teams
Ability to design materials true to the brand identity of product and style guidelines set
Ensure work is in line with the goals of the project, and that client needs are met
Ability to effectively articulate ideas, present to groups internally and externally
Open communication with team to share progress of work and design
Manage time wisely across projects, ensure deadlines are met on time
Experienced designer with an eye for detail and understanding of trends and graphic communication.
Proficient in design language across multiple mediums, including web design and understanding of branding and logo development.

5+ years of top tier branding experience required
Fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Proficient in Microsoft & Google Apps