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Browntape Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Software Developer/Senior Software Developer

We are looking for a smart and experienced technologist to be one of the pillars of our tech team in our Goa office. We want to hire someone who can self-learn fast, innovate and accelerate our product development.
You must have
• 3 to 7 years of web development experience with a great deal of passion for it (not necessarily a degree in computer science)
• A knack to write code for humans. “Always code as if the person who will maintain your code is a maniac serial killer that knows where you live”
• Vision to setup coding practices which help us accelerate
• Great understanding of server-side engineering (databases, MVC, JS MVC and more)
• Ability to think creatively. Finding the simple “right” answer, in an extensible way
• A penchant for making things simple for the user
• A smile on your face, and a tinkle in your eyes
• Good to haves: Expertise in CakePHP and open source contributions
On a typical day, you would:
• Come up with architectural solutions for stuff we want to do
• Assign development tasks to the younger developers under you
• Solve their problems, but not spoonfeed them
• Think, research and deploy newer coding practices in the team. We want to move towards cleaner code, faster deployments and stronger tests
• Review the code of your juniors and make sure they improve over time
• Get your hands dirty with code on larger, more complex parts
• Brainstorm with the founding team about the direction of the product
• Write for the company blog (learnings, experiences, interesting hacks)
• Enjoy a pollution-free, traffic-free life in Goa
We are currently working with the following stack…
• Apache as the webserver
• CakePHP for the backend
• MySQL as the database
• Sphinx for the search
• HTML5 and CSS3 for the front end
• jQuery and Backbone.js for the interaction
• Redis for queues