5 reasons a company needs intrapreneurship 32 Jobs Found

5 reasons a company needs intrapreneurship

An intrapreneur is an an entrepreneur within a large company, who uses entrepreneurial skills without having to worry about the risks associated with those activities. They usually have the resources of the company at their disposal. Being an intrapreneur is a relatively new concept that enterprises are trying to encourage. Here are a few reasons why.


  1. Endless flow of ideas

Old companies tend to rely on a selected group of people for generating new ideas whereas a company that embraces intrapreneurship encourages everyone to take part in the ideation process. At the end of the day, two heads are better than one.


  1. Leads to innovation

A work environment that’s intrapreneur-friendly allows an employee to take time off to work on their own projects that could benefit the company. For instance, at Google, Paul T. Buchheit created and developed Gmail and a prototype of Google AdSense which has helped Google expand.


  1. Creates problem-solvers in an organisation

Intrapreneurs are creative problem-solvers that aren’t scared to take risks and find more effective ways to increase productivity or help the organization.


  1. Creates a positive environment

Being intrapreneur friendly not only benefits the organization but also your employees’ attitudes and self esteem. By entertaining their ideas, you’re creating a sense of belonging for them which in return creates a positive attitude and a supportive environment.


  1. Can make a great impact

Intrapreneurs are very influential people and can make an impact on the world. They are passionate about what they create and make. For instance, Levi’s Water Less Jeans turned a drive to save water into an opportunity to innovate and sell their product. They used the same jeans but found a new way to use less water in its washing and drying process which has saved up to 172 million litres of water.


Entrepreneur or not, every employee can become an intrapreneur and help flourish the business! For some more entrepreneurial motivation, check out this blogpost.