How to answer ‘Why are you looking for a new job?’ 32 Jobs Found

How to answer ‘Why are you looking for a new job?’

When it comes to being interviewed, the question mentioned in the blog title is one of the trickiest to answer.

You agree with me on this, don’t you?

And whenever you are asked this question during the interview, it feels like a trap. Thoughts like these cross your mind – ‘OMG, what should I say now, the truth or revolve a story around the truth?’

Well, what possible answer can one give for, “Why are you looking for a new job?” other than, “I am afraid I am going to starve for the rest of my life?”.

Well, it depends on the humor of the hiring manager, but in general, that’s probably not your best option. Remember, you want to be honest, yet, not convey any negativity. Since this seems like the most important question, it would be in your best interest to be well prepared for it.

To begin with, try to understand why employers ask this question.

The reason is, they need to know your work background. This is very important, as no employer wants to hire someone who does not carry a good work reputation.

So then, how should you handle this question?
Be honest. Not negative.

Yes, frame the answer in a way that makes your employer feel confident about you and is able to trust you. Remember, the way you deliver your answer is just as important as the content it carries. Do not manipulate your answer even if you think you can. Afterall, you’re sitting in front of a recruiter who has gone through such manipulations tons of times and can easily detect a manipulative answer. Be direct and firm. The goal is to leave a positive impression.

Maybe you could use one of these lines if they fit your situation –

  • I’m at a point where I am looking to further my career and there isn’t much room for growth in my current position.
  • I am looking for a job with new learnings, new responsibilities, and new challenges.
  • I had to quit my previous role due to family commitments, but I am now ready to get back into a full-time role.
  • The company underwent a cost-cutting period and was cutting down on resources and unfortunately, my department was dissolved. They did give us a notice about the same.
  • While I’m happy with my current company and role, I believe this opportunity will allow me to use my skills to their full potential which I cannot do at my current job.
  • I am looking for a workplace closer to home as commute seems to be taking a toll on my health.


Well, you might want to say anything you want, but remember the thumb rule is not to bad mouth anybody, especially your previous company.

Bad-mouthing leaves a negative impression about you, not your previous company/employer. The interviewer may wonder if you will be bad-mouthing his company the next time you’re looking for work. Remember to remain professional at all costs.

Let us know if you ever got asked this question in an interview and what was your reply? Or if there are any other questions you’d like advice on answering. Leave your comments below.