Did someone say a handwritten CV? 32 Jobs Found

Did someone say a handwritten CV?

Crunching through CVs isn’t an easy task for an HR executive who reads through several boring 5-10 page CVs on a daily basis. However, the trend has been changing over the years, with the focus on single page CVs. The challenge now is – how do you peak the interest of your prospective recruiters for jobs in Goa, while packing in crucial information about yourself on a single page.

How do you impress the HR executive with just a single page ?
It may look like an easy job…. but it is not!
So… what’s the solution? … Send in a handwritten CV!

Once you’re done laughing through your teeth… here are some ‘advantages’ for you to bite down on.

  1. You get the attention of not only the HR but the entire company!
  2. You’re the hottest topic of discussion with all the HR’s friends!
  3. Even if you don’t get the Job, you’ve already built up a fan base!
  4. Just out of curiosity the HR will want to MEET you!
  5. If you’ve applied for an IT Job in Goa, the entire industry will now know about you!


If you think this is a joke. Think again, because it isn’t!!

IT jobs in GoaWe actually received a handwritten CV, and I being the lead recruiter for the company at the time was shocked at start, but I was extremely curious to meet the person.

After reviewing tonnes of boring CV’s filled with content ripped of the internet, this ‘handwritten’ CV felt refreshing. However, I must say that this was a stunt that was born out of pure laziness.

So we did schedule the interview, but the candidate was a no show… many dreams were shattered that day.

Nonetheless, this person actually went on to work for a huge multinational company, although he did not last there very long. He quit after a couple of months and ventured in the hospitality and food industry. He is now back in the market, looking for jobs in Goa.

This entire article was intended in a manner to highlight the unprofessionalism of the IT industry and IT job scene in Goa.

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– Judah Fernandez